Jungheinrich ecr 327 service manual

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Jungheinrich ecr 327 service manual

You will find the same adherence to quality in Jungheinrich replacement parts. Do you need parts for performing a tune-up or maybe you need a new motor? Quickly check availability and pricing for millions of quality replacement parts with the Parts Store, your exclusive online parts department. All it takes is to set up a Parts Store account with your local dealer! Genuine parts optimize the interaction between all components, creating maximum investment security and maintaining value by safeguarding the original design.

Safeguard your investment with reliable parts and service from your local Jungheinrich dealer. Our suppliers comply with strict quality standards, and we regularly conduct internal quality audits. Should a part not meet our standards, our specialists will work with the relevant supplier until performance is guaranteed. We also provide a six-month, unlimited hour warranty for all of our parts.

Our distribution process focuses on supplying parts and components the same day.

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With more than 46, part numbers serving over 4. Promatch parts have the same Jungheinrich six-month, unlimited-hour warranty for added peace of mind. Preventative and periodic maintenance of your forklift fleet, as well as the use of genuine replacement parts, guarantee the long-term survival and capability of the lift trucks in your fleet.

Your local Jungheinrich dealer will determine the best maintenance solution for your fleet. Over 6. All rights reserved. Some products may be shown with optional equipment.

Find Your Region. Search Products. News Resources.

ECR 327/ 336

Your Online Parts Ordering Source Do you need parts for performing a tune-up or maybe you need a new motor? Parts Store.

jungheinrich ecr 327 service manual

Genuine Parts Safeguard Your Investment Genuine parts optimize the interaction between all components, creating maximum investment security and maintaining value by safeguarding the original design. Find Your Dealer. Genuine Parts Guarantee Quality Our suppliers comply with strict quality standards, and we regularly conduct internal quality audits.

Your Uptime Is Our Focus Our distribution process focuses on supplying parts and components the same day. Learn More.Jungheinrich Error Codes List. Jungheinrich Fault Codes. Jungheinrich System Error Codes list. The manufacturer of forklifts is Jungheinrich, which is a leader in the production and sale of industrial, warehouse and material handling equipment.

The company began its journey fromwhen a small loader company was founded, and by the company had several factories at its disposal. Forklifts are mainly used to work in warehouses, but without them they are very rarely managed in large-scale industries. They carry loads that are placed on pallets. Due to the version with a closed cabin, they are able to work even in places with unfavorable external environment, namely, with wind, dust, sparks, sawdust, steam, and so on.

The letters mean that this is an electric forklift, the first number indicates the series, and the second two are the maximum carrying capacity in hundreds of kilograms.

These are lightweight and compact loaders that have just one rear wheel. Thanks to these parameters, they have excellent maneuverability and can move even inside the truck body. However, these "kids" are able to work with a weight of from 1 to 1. AC control electronics may be updated. The index k near some models indicates that the model has a smaller battery, a shorter base and a shorter fork body.

This series has the same dimensions and related benefits. However, the maximum load capacity is increased, as well as equipped with a large number of technologies. In the loader, an electric power steering was added, the ability to independently configure 5 work programs, replace batteries, a more thoughtful security system, an automatic parking brake, smart electronics, and a maintenance-free brake system and electric motor.

The case in these loaders is integral, which provides greater stability when maneuvering. The main differences between these trucks from previous models is that they have 4 wheels and a fully enclosed cab with front and rear window cleaner. The control system is now electro-hydraulic, which provides better handling. Cab stances were enhanced, and the lighting system and battery compartment received additional protection. These are the most powerful and big electric lift trucks.

The maximum unloading height has also been increased, but only to 7. You can use various packages of additional functions that determine the operation of the loader. In this series, more attention is paid to operator safety, as well as comfort and ergonomics of the workplace.

Tractor Free Service Manuals. Workshop and Repair manuals. Jungheinrich Service Manual. Jungheinrich forklifts. Purpose Forklifts are mainly used to work in warehouses, but without them they are very rarely managed in large-scale industries. This website uses cookies. Cookies improve the user experience and help make this website better. By continuing to use the site, you agree to our cookie policy: More details here: Cookie Policy Ok.Having trouble using the Discussion Forums?

Contact us for help. Click here for more information. Back to brand list My forum profile Brand: Jungheinrich Showing items 1 - 20 of results. Error codes - 0 replies. Started: 15 Apr by Malah. Last post: 14 Apr by Fittermax. Error 0 replies. Started: 9 Apr by Mytreya. Error Code 86 2 replies. Acelerator pedal 0 replies. Code E Incado Serial re-set 3 replies.

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Jungheinrich vs Competition: ECR Series Ramp Performance Test

Last Week's Most Read News 1. Jack Morrison mourned.

Jungheinrich manuals

NTP rebrands as Jungheinrich. Chinese manufacturing bounces back. Your Focus Submit your blog. Justin Forbes.All rights reserved. Some products may be shown with optional equipment. Find Your Region. Search Products. News Resources. Productivity Fastest truck in the industry — up to 9. Superior performance and control on ramps and incline — the ECR holds firm.

Electric coast control and proprietary ProPick buttons allow the operator to advance the walkie rider pallet jack from picking position, which can eliminate steps per pick. Awareness "Smart" auto reverse button only operates when the truck is moving chassis first towards the operator.

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Optional ProTracLink stability casters help protect fragile loads from tipping during tight turns. ProPick buttons for order picking — help protect product and racking by only advancing the walkie rider when the tiller is pointed in the straight forward direction.

Energy Efficiency Runs up to two shifts on one battery charge depending on the application. The lift truck's AC motor consumes less energy and features no parts to service for greater uptime and lower maintenance costs. Equipped with regenerative braking, which captures energy from braking, coasting and plugging, and returns it back to the battery for greater run times.

Ergonomics The platform on the ECR is the largest in the industry and also has the thickest padding — for all-day comfort. Comfortable, butterfly twist grip throttle promotes easy operation, even while wearing gloves. Control buttons on both sides allow easy access from either side of the riding pallet jack platform. Exclusive, optional suspended platform offers the highest degree of comfort over uneven floors and docks. Total Cost Of Ownership Thick, welded forks made to provide greater durability in tough applications.

Electrical components are sealed for greater longevity, helping keep out moisture or debris. Find Your Dealer. Find A Dealer. Where applicable, value shown is maximum fork height available as an optional mast. Contact Us.Not only can operators rapidly obtain maximum speed, but can do so with smooth and precise control due to the proprietary controller and optimal programming.

Smooth directional changes The incredibly responsive regenerative braking system provides a seamless transition from one direction to another, while maintaining load stability. This feature can be particularly useful when engaging in frequent directional changes and leads to tremendous gains in productivity. High performance reliability on inclinesThe ECR Series also achieves high levels of performance and control on inclines. This is accomplished through our proprietary Jungheinrich-built motor and high output controller which were designed to meet the application demands of the ECR.

This high level of performance enables you to move more pallets in very short times. Low level order pickers. Electric End Rider Pallet Truck 2. Make a query. Features Gallery Downloads.

Features Electro-magnetic brakes:. Unlike traditional mechanical brakes which require regular maintenance, the ECR Series electro-magnetic brake requires limited servicing. Advanced regenerative braking. At Jungheinrich, we took our brake design one step further.

The wear-free regenerative braking system engages when braking, coasting and changing direction. Only very seldom, when regenerative braking power is not sufficient, is an electro-magnetic brake engaged. This avoids wear. Casters are one of the most frequently serviced parts on any end rider. But, the ECR allows for automatic caster adjustment, without having to raise the truck, saving time and money.

Simplified drawbar adjustment. Unlike traditional designs, the ECR utilises lock nuts to adjust the drawbar. This simplification reduces the maintenance requirement significantly. Our formed forks are the strongest in the industry.

Combined with cast steel fork tips, they are designed to withstand tough environments. Resistant to harsh and corrosive environments. For those extra harsh environments, a corrosion protection package is available which includes the following galvanised components Frame Drawbar Forks Load wheel lever.

Steel is not always the best material for the job. Therefore the motor cover is made of a heavy-duty thermoplastic polyolefin TPO plastic. This plastic is significantly lighter than steel and enables the motor cover to be removed with just one hand.The information is set out concisely and in a clearformat. The chapters are organized alphabetically, each starting at page 1. The pageidentifier consists of the chapter letter and page number. For example: Page B2 is the second page of Chapter B.

Various types of industrial trucks are described in this Operating Manual. Whenoperating the truck and carrying out maintenance work, make certain you use thedescription corresponding to your vehicle type. Safety instructions and important information, and their relative importance, areindicated by the following safety warning symbols and indicator words:QwDQwWQwKThis message indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, will resultin death or serious injury.

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The instructions, safety precautions, actions, orprocedures relating to this message must be observed to avoid the risk ofdeath or serious injury. This message indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, couldresult in death or serious injury. The instructions, safety precautions, actions,or procedures relating to this message must be observed to avoid thepotential risk of death or serious injury.

This message indicates a situation that may lead to minor or moderate injuryif disregarded. The instructions, safety precautions, actions, or proceduresrelating to this message must be observed to avoid the risk of minor ormoderate injury. IMPORTANT This message appears if special precautionary measures are needed toensure that the correct action is taken or to prevent damage to or malfunctionof the industrial truck or a component.

NOTICEThis message appears if special information, instructions, or indications areneeded with regard to procedures, equipment, tools, pressures, loads, andother special data. Indicates optional extra. It is impossible for the manufacturer to foresee every possible operationalcircumstance that could involve a potential danger. For that reason, the warnings inthis manual and on the equipment itself do not encompass all possiblecircumstances.

If you use a tool, procedure, working method, or operating techniquenot expressly recommended by the manufacturer, you must make sure yourself thatit does not present a safety risk to you or to anyone else.

You must also ensure thatthe product will not be damaged or made unsafe through operation, lubrication,maintenance, or the chosen repair measures. The information, technical data, and illustrations contained in this document arebased on the information available at the time of publication.

Specifications, torques,pressures, measurements, settings, illustrations, and all other data are subject tochange at any time. These changes relate to the performance of the product. You can also obtain additional copies ofthe manual from your dealer.

In the interests of technical advancement, the manufacturer reserves the right tomake changes, while retaining the essential features of the type of vehicle described,without correcting this Operating Manual at the same time. D 12 Components D 23 Technical data D D Position of signs and nameplates USAI 1.Een paar tips om uw vloot schoon en veilig te houden. Heftruck huren? Palletwagen, reachtruck of stapelaar tijdelijk nodig?

Heftruck huren doet u bij Jungheinrich. Binnen 24 uur beschikbaar.

jungheinrich ecr 327 service manual

Bekijk ons aanbod! De heftrucks van Jungheinrich zijn leverbaar met een loodzuur accu of een lithium-ion accu. Zelfs wanneer een magazijn uitstekend functioneert, kan automatisering zinvol zijn. Wij geven u alle praktische tips en vuistregels in onze gratis whitepaper. Jungheinrich leverde 30 hef- en magazijntrucks, nieuwe acculaadstations en het vlootbeheersysteem ISM Online bij van Rijsingengreen.

Meerdere lithium-ion trucks tegelijkertijd opladen? Teken jij met ons mee? Win een race heftruckje! Als fabrikantleverancier en adviseur helpen wij u bij alle mogelijke zaken in en rondom het magazijn. Wij hebben het voortouw genomen om lithium-ion in het magazijn te introduceren. Wereldwijd zijn wij in meer dan 40 landen actief. Lees hier meer. Welke elektrische accu past bij mij?

Redenen voor magazijn automatisering.

jungheinrich ecr 327 service manual

Meer controle op nieuwe heftrucks.


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